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Along my travels as a certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) consultant (customization and configuration) i am been over 5 times by different sets of user how to re-open activities that has been mistakenly closed or completed or need to be edited or amended.

Now there is a good reason you can’t do this out of the box and that reason is that activities and their status serve as a log or audit of what happened at a certain point in time however mistakes happen and i’m not sure why Microsoft doesn’t at least allow a configurater or system administrator access to do this.

What i decided to do was spent some of my time create a Dynamics 365 Solution (created in July 2019) that can easily upload to your instance of dynamics online or on-premise which will add the ability to re-open activities. Specifically Tasks, Phone calls, Appointments and Emails

Re-Open Activities Solution

Solution file, install instruction and usage guide
Ability to re-open activities. Specifically Tasks, Phone calls, Appointments and Emails
Note: This solution installs 4 custom workflows that can access via the Flow Menu option (located on the top menu bar) on both the individual activities screen and from the activities (list) views

Important note: Reopening an activities will mess with the original date stamps, there will be no history of the date of first open, first complete, re-open, and then complete again. You need to create your own history or you can use audit history if this is an issue

I am offering this solution for a one-off minimal fee which i will use to keep to maintain this site and the support forum. Other solutions online are offered at $15 per user per month which i think is ridicilous. There is also a free way to re-open activities via Javascript (as documented by my friends at magnetismsolutions – https://www.magnetismsolutions.com/blog/paulnieuwelaar/2014/11/18/how-to-reopen-closed-activities-in-microsoft-dynamics-crm-2013-with-bookmarklet) however this bookmarklet option only which on individual records (you have to click on each one) as far as i know. The code is below: The code to use for a bookmarklet, or to paste directly into the URL bar is as follows (make sure to re-add the ‘javascript:’ part as most browsers strip this out): javascript: var form = $(“iframe”).filter(function () { return ($(this).css(‘visibility’) == ‘visible’) })[0].contentWindow;form.Mscrm.CommandBarActions.activate(form.Xrm.Page.data.entity.getId(), form.Xrm.Page.data.entity.getEntityName()); If you comfortable with Dynamics 365 configuration then you can create a similar solution using on-demand workflows which is explained here: marcellotonarelli.wordpress.com/…/re-open-closed-task-phone-call-email-or-activities-in-ms-dynamics-crm-2011 or herehttps://crmknowhow.wordpress.com/2017/05/29/dynamics-crm-re-open-closed-task/

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