Add a sitemap menu sub area for a filtered view in Dynamics 365

The reason that I am putting this blog posts together is that I searched for 2 hours on Google looking for the answer to this question and then found out after trying a lot of complex suggest that the answer was pretty simple.

The answer involves two parts. The first part is learning how to add items to the menu then aren’t selectable on the site map designer. One of these items are views. To add a view to a menu item you need to create a URL menu item and paste the following code pattern. We are the x stands for the view ID. Now don’t get confused here because when I search for how to find out what a views “id” is, I typed in what is views “GUID” it in d365. This send me off on a tangent for a few hours until I realise that views do not have a GUID, of course, they have ID numbers. Now as I was adding a custom view to the menu I would have expected that this id would be unique to the organisation instance as it is. Therefore the second part to the solution is to find out how to access the view ID of the custom view I wanted to add to the menu and once I found out what this I could insert this into the code pattern and I’d be sorted. Again I searched Google with not much luck and hence this post. This solution does not involve any csharp or JavaScript programming so please keep away from that. The answer actually involes clicking on one button in the menu above the view. The email a link option has a drop-down option to the right of the button. That’s up option allows you to email a link to the view. Once your email client loads up the generated email you will see a URL the view ID is hidden between a few hex tags opening and closing tags. What you’re looking for is the number between these two tag see below. Once you have this view ID number you can insert it into the code pattern above and paste that into the url field when adding a new URL menu item. Save and publish (and refresh your application. Note you may need to publis all) and you will now have a menu item that can link your users directly to your custom view.

Now I assume that you’ve got a great use case for trying to figure out how to do this and hence you found this blog post however I think we should talk about some useful applications for this trick.

One of these useful applications is to hold multiple different contact types within the system and instead of creating a custom entity for these different contact types you can use a custom view.

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